Beginners spoon carving

Course description

Spoons, one of the simplest and most used tools. We often find that everyone has a favorite cooking spoon, and more likely than not, a wooden one. Making beautiful and useful items for your home or as gifts is one of most special skills to have. It all begins with spoon carving for most craft woodworkers. Spoon carving is a wood craft that has a low barrier of entry: only needing a few basic tools to start and a material that is widely available in both urban and rural settings. It is also a very mobile craft, perfect for a backpacking trip.

During this two day class you will have ample time to learn about safe and efficient axe work, knife work, spoon design, wood selection, and an introduction to sharpening. You will be able to complete one spoon with the possibility of more.

The first day of class will be focused on learning safe and efficient axe technique followed by knife grips and carving technique. We will start spoons on the first afternoon after we get acquainted with the tools and basic techniques. On the second day we will repeat the process adding new information and honing our skills toward finishing spoons.

Course instructor: Raleigh Cambell

Raleigh works with a variety of materials and specializes in traditional craftsmanship. She has a passionate commitment to both learning and preserving traditional crafts, as well as imparting these skills to others. Raleigh has traveled extensively, visiting mentors and experts in various crafts both in Sweden and internationally. She aims to deepen her knowledge in different crafts, including carving, brush binding, and weaving.


Place: Hemslöjdsgården, Läroverksgatan 7 Linköping
Date: 16-17 of March 2024
Time: 10 AM to 5 PM both days
Price: 2300 Sek incl. materials

No prior carving or axing experience needed.


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